Professional Builders Supply recently decided that our online presence should have the same quality as our customer service and product. As the second fastest growing company in the Triangle and one of the best places to work according to the Triangle Business Journal, we have a lot to live up to.

We want to bring that same commitment to excellence to our online presence as well. This will ensure our customers can easily find our site and efficiently navigate it once they do. The site will have a “responsive design,” which simply means it adjusts seamlessly between computer screens and mobile devices.

It may take a period of transition for both our clients and us to get used to this new design. There may even be some brief glitches and delays. Professional Builders Supply appreciates your patience though, and we know the move to this new platform will better match the kind of modern, cutting-edge company we are quickly becoming.

Stay with us during these changes and let us know if you have any comments on the process. The purpose of our company is to serve builders in the Carolinas, and the goal of our new website will be to make this task easier and more engaging for our customers.